01 May 2024

Pictorial Suppilment to Cinder Car - Post 24


The uncommon view; St. Charles 1897 coal car frame and all St. Charles built cars 1897-1900
Not a lot of reading this time; details of the model are the focus. In the old days, you read articles like this on a printed page. The photos were printed and the resolution  (called screening) were immutable. You could not blow them up. The photos shown here were shot on 4"x 5" film whereby "resolution" is called grain. This makes the photos many times denser in terms of grain than say 35mm film; of the old days. In other words, you can enlarge the prints much bigger before graininess is apparent. I can crop a very small portion of the negative and still blow it up many times greater without loosing much detail to grain.
I have just one request of those who have read and followed this series; Build Your Own Car! Model railroading is a multifaceted hobby. But at its core is the craft of doing! Build.

Detailed layout of the 8"x8" N.Y. Air Brake system

The "B" end of the car

 End beam details including brake retainer valve
Detail of the inside cross brace


The "A" side of the car
Detail reflecting the original car where side stales had been attached


Model assumed the coal was re lettered C&S prior to conversion

The frames of the cars were not rebuilt; only the boxes were revised and a false floor installed. This is indicated in the model by bolt holes in the side sills for now removed side stakes. The model was reflective of how it may have looked in 1903.

Note lettering, ship-lap flooring and hinge/dog


3D model 1897 coal, 3D printed for The Cimarron Works, 2009



There is no better way to understand something than to take it apart and put it together yourself...
Making with your hands is thinking.

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